Transformational Life Coaching with Larisa Stow
You're Born to Fly...You're Born to Bloom
  • Do you feel something is missing in your life?
  • Would you like to experience more inner and outer peace?
  • Do you feel like you are here for a higher purpose?
  • Are you ready to Love your life?
The good news is… you're here on this website which indicates that you are ready to fly...that you are ready to bloom.  Every thought, every choice you have ever made has brought you to this moment of awakening.  

You are not just a mind.  You are also body and spirit.  As a transformational life coach I focus on bringing these three aspects of self into balance through addressing what's missing and introducing core support systems (see FAQS page). 

I am excited and honored to collaborate with you in creating a life you love. It is my passion to support you in exploring where you get stopped from realizing this dream and to assist you in stepping into your full self-expression moment by moment.  Loving your life begins with connecting in with your soul’s purpose and living from this place.  Our soul knows exactly what to do to help us realize this freedom. Together we will listen to your soul and respond to its innate wisdom and joy.  It will guide us and show us the life you were destined to live creating soul/personality alignment.

Transformational Life Coaching with Larisa Stow
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